£100 Hire Reward

Earn £100 for 5 Minutes Work

Help us hire our next all-star team and well give you £100 if they pass their probation. PLUS we will give them a £100 bonus if they stay a year with us. It’s a win, win!

We are currently looking for:

  • Bartenders

  • Floor staff member

  • Chef’s


  • The new staff member must pass their probation

  • If they are dismissed or given any form of disciplinary they and you will forfeit your £100 bonus’s.

  • This excludes all existing hires.

  • Anyone can refer someone and get £100.

How to apply:

  1. Use your mobile to text... 07773629320 with your full name:

  1. We will then text you a unique code

  1. Send this unique code to anyone you think would be a great fit for any of our jobs advertised here:


  1. We’ll ask at the interview if they have been recommended and ask for the unique code.

  1. If they are hired we’ll contact you and let you know when you’ll be paid.

  1. Once they have completed their probation we will contact you within 30 days for your bank details and wire you your £100.

It’s that simple!