BBC Panorama - The Great British Staycation?

Hargreaves Enterprises appeared on BBC PANORAMA this week (August 28th) on an episode regarding the influx of British holidayers staycationing across the Lake District and the UK.

2021 is the year of the Great British staycation, with millions of us exploring holidays on our doorstep. But the impact of Covid has taken its toll. As the hospitality industry tries to make up for the financial losses of the last 18 months. And though business is booming in some areas, tourism bosses say staff shortages are hitting them hard. Reporter Mobeen Azhar spoke to Becca Murdoch, one of our assistant managers about the

"It's completely changed, it's nothing like it was last year. People are queuing up for hours, they're in a mood when they come. They're hungry cause the can't get any food cause its fully booked and we're short staffed."

Even though Becca loves working for the company, she has sometimes felt like leaving the industry. She says "95% of the guests are lovely, but it's that 5% that ruin your day."

Stephen Hargreaves, CEO of the company spoke next - going on to say "You would think people would be nicer and friendlier, after everything that we have all been through, that doesn't seem to be the case. "

Asked by reporter Mobeen Azhar on what he thinks about filling the companies outstanding roles within the company, Stephen Answers "No, I think as an industry, we're going to have to re-think how we operate. The government will need to support that.

#BeKind movement

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