As an industry, we have battled a pandemic and are coming out the other side trying to re-establish ourselves. This is, in itself, a challenge, but compounded with staff shortages and social distancing it’s an all consuming task.

We realize that many others have experienced the same, and we invite them to join us as we raise awareness for the #BeKind movement. Which is calling for us all to be kind to each other.

Specifically we, along with the support of Peroni want to raise awareness for the abuse and inhumane treatment staff are receiving by customers in hospitality. Our staff are held accountable for the weather, the fact that you're late, and every other inconceivable excuse people choose to provide.

Like all other professions, we ask for people to treat our staff with respect, show kindness and have understanding. Which is nothing less than we show all customers who walk through our doors.

"You wouldn’t shout at your dentist if your appointment was delayed. You wouldn’t abuse the flight attendant for having to queue to board a plane, and you wouldn’t kick up a fuss when asked for your ticket at a concert. However, these are the types of experiences that we receive daily in bars and restaurants across the UK."

Hospitality means… the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers. And what an amazing and professional industry it is. Now, we don’t want to lose this fantastic trade, but this will happen if people don’t treat each other with compassion and respect. Otherwise, all that will be left is robots making cocktails.

Help us keep our staff, help us give recognition for the value this profession has and help us show others that we can communicate with each other in a caring way. 

Join us now in spreading kindness, share our #BeKind posts and most of all think twice about how you behave and communicate with others. For example, whether that’s when going for a pint, buying clothes or shopping at the supermarket.


Some of the ways we are leading with kindness:

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