Hargreaves Enterprises & Cranleigh Boutique employee wins national award

After the struggles of the last few years and the challenges hospitality teams have across the UK have faced, we are extremely proud that our staff at Hargreaves Enterprises have been recognised for their efforts by the Performance Learning Group (PLG).

When we were invited down to the award ceremony in London there was no expectation that we would walk away with any awards. For us we were there to represent Cumbria and support the Burnt Chef programme. So when a member of our staff came away with an award it was so unexpected.

Firstly, we would like to give a special well done to Brunella Fusco. She was shortlisted by PLG as ‘Learner of the month’ and whilst she didn’t win, we are hugely proud of her. This year she has grown tremendously, stepping up to the position of assistant manager at The Cranleigh Boutique. We know that the PLG program has given her fantastic knowledge which has supported her progress. 

Then a huge congratulations has to go to Florentina Ciufu for winning PLG’s ‘Apprentice of The Year Impact Award’. This award asked us as an employer to nominate an employee who we believed showed the most improvement in overall knowledge, skills & behaviour. David Hampshaw, the Operational Director for Hargreaves Enterprises felt that Florentina Ciufu was the PLG candidate for this. Her development and hard work over the last 12 months can definitely be seen in the way she runs the Cranleigh Boutique, the fantastic customer reviews she and her team receive and the new initiatives that have been brought to this business. This award stands as a testament to all this and we as an employer are overjoyed that she has been recognised with this award.

Hargreaves Enterprises as a company hopes other staff will now see the benefits of investing in such learning and take up their own journey, supported by the PLG team. We believe that the industry specific programs that PLG provides for us delivers invaluable industry knowledge which empowers staff to become their best selves, giving them tools to make their lives easier and help those that they lead.

Lastly, we can’t forget Zoe from PLG who works with our staff to help them on their learning journeys. She has worked tirelessly with them and been there throughout to support their success!