The good, the tough & the future

Performance Learning Group

The good, the tough & the future with our Cranleigh Boutique, Trainee Assistant Manager

Asia, our Trainee Assistant Manager is currently undertaking Performance Learning Group towards a Level 4 Management In Hospitality, and we've sat down to hear all about her thoughts about the course so far...

Here's 3 things she's said about the course so far!

The Good 👍

There is so many things I love about the course, I don’t know which to choose 😅I think I like meeting one on one the most because it’s more personal than sitting in a classroom.

The Tough 💪

The hardest thing for me it’s to convince myself that my way of thinking is correct. 90% of the time I’m thinking of all the right things, but I’m scared to say it or write it. But I’m working on becoming more confident.

The Future 🌎
I’m looking forward to learning more about leadership and business analysis, and of course my business plan!

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